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Support for Polymyalgia and Giant Cell Arteritis Sufferers in Scotland


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OS01 PMR The symptoms appeared suddenly.

OS02 PMR PMR hit me suddenly

OS03 PMR I suddenly started having pains in my shoulder

OS04 PMR & GCA I spent 5 days extremely cold

OS05 GCA I felt puzzled when diagnosed with GCA

OS06 PMR & GCA I realise that I’ve been relatively lucky

OS07 PMR & GCA My advice is not to try to reduce too fast

OS08 PMR Now I go with the flow a bit more

OS09 PMR & GCA I couldn’t raise my arms above waist level

OS10 PMR Prednisolone did remove the pains almost overnight

OS12 PMR If you suspect that somebody you know has PMR then get them to a doctor ASAP

OS13 GCA Finding people with the same condition has meant a lot to me

OS14 GCA The steroids put me back on my feet

OS15 PMR I try not to become too overtired

OS16 GCA Grateful for the reassurance I received from PMR GCA Scotland

OS17 GCA Tapering is an inexact science

OS18 PMR & GCA What a difference the prednisolone made

OS19 PMR & GCA with some sight loss don’t get despondent, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

OS20 PMR  I have ridden my bike every day for around 45 minutes